Cutting Tools

Multi-material Available

Craft Vinyl Tool Kit

Including everything you need for applying adhesive vinyl
sticker, transferring HTV vinyl, and other basic craft works,
ideal for beginners and professional vinyl crafters! The tool
kit of sturdy quality is gonna be your best helper for the
years to come!

Cutting Tools
Cutting Tools

Spatula: It will help you to lift images
from the cutting mat precisely
without tearing and curling, and
clean the mat easily.

Cutting Tools

Hook: With a sharp tip, the hook can
weed away all the excessive vinyl
scraps easily and fast.

Cutting Tools

Tweezers: It features reverse grip
design, which makes it easier to pick
up, lift up, or apply small cuts and
thin lines.

Cutting Tools

Scraper: Use it to lift large image,
clean unwanted scraps, and apply
adhesive vinyl on a smooth surface.

Cutting Tools

Paper Trimmer

It can enable a smoother cutting on paper, HTV vinyl,
and adhesive vinyl, and measure the materials to help you cut
precisely. The dual-hinged rail can cut from either side and
speed up your DIY process!

Cutting Tools Cutting Tools

Cut Housing with Blades

The cut housing is special for Silhouette Cutters including Cameo 4 Series, and Portrait 3! The sharp sturdy blades with 10 adjustable levels can cut any material effortlessly!

Cutting Tools

For Silhouette Cutters Only

Portrait 3 Cameo 4 Plus Cameo 4 Cameo 4 Pro
Cutting Tools
Cutting Tools

Combo Thermal Tape Dispenser

√ For Cutting Any Length
√ Adjustable Blade
√ Multiple Tapes at Once
√ Craft Tool Holder
√ large & Small Cores for Different Tape Diameters

Cutting Tools Cutting Tools Cutting Tools Cutting Tools