The Only Oven For Sublimation

Elite Sublimation Oven 25L

What Surprises Does It Have?

What Can It Be Used For?

It Can Do Better!

Perfect Printout Result

360o unique air heat circulation & Evenly heated

Can be applied for products of
more different sizes and shapes

Printing More Products at Once

Achieve Larger Printing Area

Following Tools Help Print Better

We got various printing tools that bring out more personalization possibilities. Shrink film wrap, heat resistant tape, blower gun, heat resistant glove, silicone wrap,  heat shrink bag and extra large binder clip. All of them can help you print whatever you want.

Independent temperature control tube 360o unique air heat circulation & Evenly heated

Built-in light Lighting when necessary! Energy saving
3 knobs control Simple and easy to operate

Ceramic Enamel Interior High temperature resistant & easy to clean